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  1. When a security guard has (or receives) a public use of violence or other means (such as beating, smashing, robbing, stealing, etc.) to damage or threaten the safety of the lives and property of a unit or the masses, the security personnel should conscientiously perform the duties of the security guards and quickly stop the crime.


  2, when a sudden case occurs, keep calm, try to subdue criminals, and immediately call for help through communication equipment. And report to the supervisor at the higher level in time.


  3, security personnel must immediately arrive at the scene after hearing the distress signal.


  4, if the suspect escapes and can not catch up, he should see clearly the number, clothing, physiognomy, physical characteristics, the means of transport and characteristics.


  5, the scene of the crime scene (including theft, robbery site) to protect the scene, before the arrival of the police, no one can move anything without permission, including all the hand marks left by the criminal, footprints, cigarette ends, etc., must not let outsiders enter the scene; before the police investigation site or site investigation, the security guards may not leave.


  6, record all the information provided by users, record stolen goods and their value, and ask if tenants have any clues.


  7, if the process of operation, no fixed site, the various items left by the criminal suspect, the crime tools, and so on, should be properly preserved to the public security organs to handle, must not leave the fingerprint of the security personnel or other personnel on the items.


  8. If any person is injured, he should try to deliver the hospital immediately and report to his superior unit.


  9, the security guard completes the on-site record, and writes a written report to the relevant departments.


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