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First, the security of the army begins with care. At present, the loss of troops is really a headache for all levels of personnel. How to ensure the health and stability of the troops? I think we should start from the aspect of care. As the saying goes, "The hearts of the people are fleshy long", "The grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by gushing springs". If you show more care to the team members on the working day, a little more. I believe that you are the most prestigious in the eyes of the team members, and you will have a positive impact on the stability of the army.
Secondly, the essence of the players starts from the image. Security operations are complicated, but almost all of them are trivial, so we must start with details, especially from the image of the army, such as the dress, appearance, courtesy, service attitude of the team members. If you only grasp the details that give the first impression, you will surely give the company. Leaders, customer leaders, employees and visitors leave a good reputation, which makes people feel that the essence of the security forces is really good from these fine points.
3. The army should start with internal hygiene. As the saying goes, "From the internal affairs to deal with", the quality of a detachment unit can be seen from the internal affairs. However, in daily inspection, it is found that there are individual units dormitories and on-duty indoor hygiene can be described as "dirty, chaotic, poor", which really makes people feel uncomfortable and pleasant. The standards of internal hygiene are far from the requirements of standardization, standardization and standardization. Imagine if you can best reflect the internal hygiene standards of our company, you are not well implemented. Then can you implement the customer's safety precaution standards, the army's management standards and the company's rules and regulations? Therefore, the basis of the army's management should start with internal affairs.
How to do a good job in handling operations in grass-roots units, improve the generalization of the nature of the army, ensure the health and stability of the army, there are still many tasks to do, but we should pay more attention to details in the operation, and trust that the troops you bring out must be harmonious, stable, combat and cohesive.
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